Tank transport

With more than 20 years of experience on the market of bulk substance transport, we provide inland and international tank transport with our own modern fleet. – hyperlink to technical equipment.

Our activity in the sphere of international and inland transport is specialised particularly in products subject to the ADR Regulation 2009 (the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods), especially in corrosive, poisonous or oxidising substances and hot products ADR class 9.

Due to the strong background of the multinational Group Charles André GCA with 89 branches in 15 European countries, we are able to meet specific needs at the global level.

We make sure that we are considerate to the environment in all respects. Our vehicles are therefore maintained in a good technical condition and checked regularly by trained personnel in our own workshop.

We offer you solutions for the transport of:
  • liquid chemicals,
  • gases,
  • foodstuffs and drinks,
  • feed material,
  • AdBlue distribution.

Its wide range of technical equipment, reliability, expertise, speed, experience and maximal care for our customers puts OMEGA SERVIS HOLDING a.s. at the level of the EU companies’ standard.

Tank set
Tank set